Sleeping, bathing, playing, eating and birthday-partying!

ice cream birthday bath

preschool wannabe heels What are rainbow sprinkles? Ice cream @ 11am!

The title pretty much sums up this post! We are in birthday party central over here … everyone we know seems to have an April, May or June birthday … which means lot of FUN! And with all our great Bay Area weather, the majority have been outside!

In addition, Logan has become very interested in going to preschool. He actually thinks he IS in preschool and part of Malina’s class. It is really cute, he even asks for his backpack most mornings. The hard part is tearing him out of the classroom as we say bye to Malina. Fortunately, the teachers and other kids love him, he’s almost like the class mascot, so they welcome him with open arms. Get ready for the fall little man, because it will be your turn!!

View photos of us having fun!

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