Pacific Northwest Trip

Kaia's playground High-school friends + babies Swimmer friend + babies Chillin in Seattle

We spent 9 days in the Pacific Northwest during the rainiest season of the year! But it was still a wonderful trip :)

We saw more friends than I had ever thought possible! We stayed with Jessica’s high school friend Lindsey, her husband Dave, and daughter Kaia for a few days. Another high school friend, Kathryn flew in with her son, James, and they also stayed with us there. So it was like a big slumber party!! We spent the days chasing the kids around the house, playgrounds and museums, and spent the evenings catching up. It was great!! We also saw family friend’s the McMath’s, along with their 4 kids and 8 grand-kids! Another highlight was going to Ann-Marie’s (another high school friend) parents’ home to see Ann-Marie’s family, which included a sweet newborn baby boy! It was like old times at her parents home, everything looked the same, but our lives had all changed so much over the years.

Then we moved downtown for a few days (thank you Dana) and stayed at a great Kimpton hotel, which was super kid friendly. While there, I managed to catch up with all of Emily’s old swimmer friends: Dana, Kelly and Hillary! Jessica had some adult time out on the town with great friend Jen, and we also met up with Jessica’s cousin Seth on Northwest 23rd for lunch. The kids enjoyed riding the trains downtown and playing along the waterfront. Our last big hurrah while in Portland was a potluck party set up by Jessica’s old sorority sisters. So much fun visiting with everyone, but definitely threw the kids off their schedule with all the socializing and events.

Next we headed up to Seattle to see two families from our Wharton days. We stayed with Amy and Z and their adorable twins Gabe and Zara for two nights and filled the days with parks, walks and playgrounds. We also met up with the Sharma family and their newest addition, little Alex.

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January Happenings

Yep!  That is Logan in a dress!!Dressing like mommy - skinnies and boots!
January went by in a flash! Lots of changes at Jessica’s job, but she is still trucking along!!

The kids kept busy with play-dates, a movement class and playing dress-up … sometimes it’s super heros, sometimes a toga party in towels and every once in a while, it’s dresses!

Jessica’s Grandma (“GG” to Malina and Logan) used to sew beautiful dresses which have been passed down. We tried one of the dresses on Malina and it fit well, so she was dancing around in it and Logan got SO MAD! He wanted a dress so badly, he wanted to be like his big sister, so we pulled another hand sewn dress out for him and he was so happy to run after his sister in a similar dress! Beautiful kiddos!

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Happy Holidays!

Fairmont Hotel Super Heroes!MessyStory-time with GG Wine Country

We stayed local for Hanukkah and Christmas this year. After all of our travel over the previous months, it seemed like the best decision for everyone. We spent the weekends leading up to the holidays doing all the usual stuff, like seeing the lights downtown, attending holiday parties with friends, touring the Fairmont Hotel, checking out the Xmas tree in Union Square, and walking through the largest (real) gingerbread house in the country… all of which the kids only sort of enjoy. Thus far we have totally skipped the long lines and crying that typically come with sitting on Santa’s lap, and I couldn’t be happier about this decision!

Jessica’s parents and Grandma stayed with us from Christmas Eve to New Year’s Day. Since Chuck and I both had a few days off work, we became tourists in our own city and saw several of the scenic sights that we haven’t toured in years. The highlights being the (ah-mazing) Point Bonita Lighthouse near Rodeo Beach, wine tasting in Sonoma County, and the old bunkers along the coast. We all (including Emily and Rob, who live on the Peninsula now) spent Christmas Day in Livermore with Jessica’s other grandparents. It was an eventful afternoon and evening filled with good food and lots of laughs. New Years Eve ended up being nice and mellow, as we spent the evening in — something we haven’t done in years.

As a side note, you are going to start seeing Logan in more dresses and skirts. That has nothing to do with living in San Francisco, but everything to do with Logan’s LOVE for his big sister Malina. He wants to do EVERYTHING that she does. EVERYTHING! And in this household, we aren’t concerned about his current obsession with tutus having any impact on his future self!

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Logan is 18 months old!

Our BIG BOY! You are officially a year and a half old and absolutely the sweetest little man!

For the most part, you are an easy little guy. You wake up happy, you enjoy food, you love to play, and you don’t put up a fight at all when it’s time for bed. It never ceases to amaze me that you’re such a great (non sleep trained) little sleeper. You’ve gotten to the point where you say night night when you’re tired. You also belt out “e-i-e-i-o” since we sing “Little Logan lived on a Farm” to the tune of Old MacDonald as part of the bedtime routine. Then once in your crib, you pile you lovie, monkey and elephant on top of each other and then you lay you little head on them like a pillow. And generally speaking, we don’t hear another peep out of you after that. You just go to sleep and sleep for 12 amazing hours!

You have 50+ words (45 English and 5 Spanish) but you understand so much. When we ask for help you will comply, such as “pick up the diaper and put it in the trash please” and you will do it. Or today I asked you if you had a dirty diaper, you said no. Then I asked you to come over to me and turn around so I could check and you did. Amazed!

You are very active, you love to run around the house playing with your sister and you love to jump! You are strong and you have good coordination so you can actually hoist yourself up off the ground a few inches each time. You usually jump 3 times in a row.

You finally kiss my face when I ask for a kiss. Previously, you’ve just kissed books. Also, Malina bumped her eye and cried and you looked genuinely concerned and kissed her eye 4 times. So sweet!! You have figured out the magical healing power of a loving kiss! You LOVE your sister, you hug her and kiss her and get very concerned when she is crying

Height: 33.5 inches = 85th percentile
Weight: 27 pounds and 8 ounces = 75th percentile
Head circumference is still up at the 99th percentile as well :)

Things you’ve been saying:
“Whyyyyy?” usually in appropriate context
“No” in a matter of fact yet sweet manner
“Wuv you” as I kissed him tonight
Spanish words: agua, abre, sucio, hola and adios
Malina (also: ni-na, mo-weena, and mee-nah)
Lovie (more like wuvie)
Dok (for dog)
GG (for great grandma)
** You are also an amazing parrot; you can repeat, very clearly, many words that are spoken to you.

where are you?
bye bye train
bye bye see you!

You amaze us every day little man! WE LOVE YOU!

Thanksgiving 2012 – Florida and Alabama!

We decided to visit both sides of the family this Thanksgiving! First we flew to Jacksonville to see Grandpa Chuck as well as Great Uncle Larry and Great Aunt Alice for several days. It was a long day of travel, with 2 flights and 2+ hours of driving, which meant 8am PST to 2am EST from door to door. The kids did really well, considering, but they were so tired when we arrived in Flagler Beach. We went to the beach and toured the historic town of St. Augustine. We also took walks around their Larry and Alice’s neighborhood, visited local playgrounds and had breakfast at a great brunch spot. We celebrated an early Thanksgiving on Wednesday and enjoyed Alice’s amazing food. Malina enjoyed making a special apple cake with Aunt Alice. All in all, it was a great visit! Continue reading

Mostly Halloween

October was spent enjoying the amazing weather San Francisco always has to offer this time of year! We took a long hike with friends and enjoyed Fentons famous ice-cream afterwards. We visited our favorite pumpkin patch up in Petaluma and had a great time, despite the heat. We routed for the Giants during the World Series. We painted, yes painted, the pumpkins we purchased this year … and of course we went trick-or-treating on Halloween (despite the rain).

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Dolores Park

SF Parks and Rec recently renovated Dolores Park in the Mission. We had been hearing all sorts of great things about the new space and finally decided to check it out. The kids both loved the new play area! What is not to love? It is huge and has all sorts of new interactive things to do. Logan enjoyed the rope climb the most, while Malina loved a slide geared for 12 year old … this girl has no fear!

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Wharton Family Reunion in Kauai – 2012

We spent a fun filled week in Kauai with great friends!! A total of four couples and five children made the trip (from SF, Dallas, Seattle and NYC) and we all stayed in one big house in Poipu Beach. It had been a few years since we’d all seen each other, and we planned this trip around Amy’s 40th birthday party. It also happened to fall on our 7-year wedding anniversary, which was a bonus. It was wonderful, wild, chaotic, exhausting and tons of fun all at the same time. It was great staying together because during naps and after the kids all went to bed, we were able to hang out together and catch up over dinner and drinks. We took turns cooking and even splurged on a private chef one night. We took a few day trips around the island; the highlights were Waimea Canyon and Kauai’s north shore. Otherwise, we spent most of our time at a kiddie beach that was shallow, calm and full of sea-life!

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