Malina is ONE YEAR old!!

Month 12 was a great month for our family! We used up Chuck’s final week of paternity leave by taking a little family vacation to Park City, Utah. We took advantage of off-season rates and great spring skiing weather. While there, Malina graduated from her dolphin crawl to a more traditional crawl. She felt snow for the first time and rode a gondola to 11,000 feet of elevation! We also went to Sundance (thanks Kath), checked out Olympic Park, and hiked in the Mirror Lake wilderness area. Malina had some sleep issues along the way, but otherwise, quite a fun trip.

Once back in San Francisco, Malina got very comfortable pulling up on everything and at each opportunity would open a drawer or cabinet and empty it in a matter of seconds. We have tried to teach her that putting everything back in is fun too, but she doesn’t seem to agree.

Malina’s vocabulary has shot up this month. She now says about 8 words, most of which start with “b”. She is clearly more focused on vocab than walking because she hasn’t shown much interest yet. We are enjoying the calm before the storm :)

We decided to have an informal party for Malina’s first birthday. Jessica’s family happened to be on the West Coast for a wedding the previous weekend, so they stuck around for the festivities. We had Great Grandma Florence, Grandma Robin and Grandpa Ken here for a few days. Now that Auntie Em lives in the Bay Area again, she was at the celebration along with many of Malina’s baby friends and a few of ours as well. We asked friends to bring non-perishable items instead of gifts (thanks for the idea Abby), so Malina made her first charitable donation to the San Francisco Food Bank!

We can’t believe our little baby is ONE!! Time truly flies.

View photos of Malina’s twelfth month.

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