“Ganda” and “PawPaw”

Robin and Ken came to SF for 4 days this past week to celebrate Great Grandma Barbara’s 89th birthday!! When they weren’t busy visiting with family and Malina, they were taking in some of the new exhibits at our fabulous museums! Soon after they arrived, Malina clearly gave each of them a name, on her own. Grandma Robin became Ganda and Grandpa Ken became PawPaw … and she used these names over the course of the entire visit.

First activity was Barbara’s 89th birthday celebration out in Livermore, CA. We celebrated during the week, so Chuck couldn’t make it, but everyone else was able to get the afternoon off work. We had a nice dinner and yummy ice-cream cake for dessert.

We surprised Jessica’s parents with tickets to a Giants game. It’s the near the end of the season and the Giants are doing well this year, so it was an exciting game. Malina stayed home that night.

We made another trip to our favorite tot spot, the Bay Area Discovery Museum, and Malina showed Ganda all the things she had learned to do!! From xylophone playing to painting to playing in a stream :)

Malina has recently become obsessed with bubbles, so we broke out a new bubble kit that included a secret bubble recipe and 4 bubble wands. Malina loved it and couldn’t stop screaming “bubbles”. Everyone who walked past our garage (it was windy outside) left with a huge grin on their face.

Since October has arrived we decided to make the drive up to Petaluma (passing 10 pumpkin patches along the way) to visit the biggest and best pumpkin patch in the area. It’s a 30 acre work farm, full with farmers, tractors, farm animals, hay, pumpkins on the vine, and did I mention pumpkins? Everything from white to gray to red to green to orange!! They also brought in some entertainment in the forms of a haunted house, a jumpy house and a few mazes.

While there, Malina found herself incredibly busy. She decided that all the pumpkins laying in the piles actually belonged in the big green crate, so one by one, with a very serious look on her face, she would carry them over. She seemed to get rather annoyed with other kids in the vicinity for not recognizing this huge task that was resting on her shoulders alone! Also, since Malina was so “busy” during the visit – it was hard to get any photos of her looking at the camera.

View photos of the McMilin visit to SF.

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