Family Trip to Utah!

We flew to Salt Lake City to spend a long weekend with old friends. The main event was Kathryn’s baby shower, but it was also an opportunity to meet all the new babies that have been born in the past several months (Kaia, Briella and Logan).

It was Logan’s first flight and he did incredibly well … he slept the entire flight (both ways). Malina had her own seat; we used a CARES Harness (for additional safety), and she did very well with it. Our outbound flight was delayed, so the pilot let her spend several minutes in the cockpit pressing buttons!!

Kathryn and Eric have a beautiful (and large) home, so all of our families were able to stay in one place. It felt like a big slumber party. It was nice for all of the moms to commiserate in the middle of the night as we were all feeding/shushing our non-sleeping babies.

As far as activities went, we threw a baby shower for future Baby Boy Dahlin, we had a professional photographer photo-shoot, we threw a surprise baby shower for Baby Briella, the entire crew ate dinner out (during which Logan “blew out” of his diaper) and we walked around Temple Square to check out the Christmas lights in 16-degree weather!

It was such a great weekend, but a total whirlwind. I hope we can do it again every year :)

View photos of our quick trip to Utah

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