Pacific Northwest Trip

Kaia's playground High-school friends + babies Swimmer friend + babies Chillin in Seattle

We spent 9 days in the Pacific Northwest during the rainiest season of the year! But it was still a wonderful trip :)

We saw more friends than I had ever thought possible! We stayed with Jessica’s high school friend Lindsey, her husband Dave, and daughter Kaia for a few days. Another high school friend, Kathryn flew in with her son, James, and they also stayed with us there. So it was like a big slumber party!! We spent the days chasing the kids around the house, playgrounds and museums, and spent the evenings catching up. It was great!! We also saw family friend’s the McMath’s, along with their 4 kids and 8 grand-kids! Another highlight was going to Ann-Marie’s (another high school friend) parents’ home to see Ann-Marie’s family, which included a sweet newborn baby boy! It was like old times at her parents home, everything looked the same, but our lives had all changed so much over the years.

Then we moved downtown for a few days (thank you Dana) and stayed at a great Kimpton hotel, which was super kid friendly. While there, I managed to catch up with all of Emily’s old swimmer friends: Dana, Kelly and Hillary! Jessica had some adult time out on the town with great friend Jen, and we also met up with Jessica’s cousin Seth on Northwest 23rd for lunch. The kids enjoyed riding the trains downtown and playing along the waterfront. Our last big hurrah while in Portland was a potluck party set up by Jessica’s old sorority sisters. So much fun visiting with everyone, but definitely threw the kids off their schedule with all the socializing and events.

Next we headed up to Seattle to see two families from our Wharton days. We stayed with Amy and Z and their adorable twins Gabe and Zara for two nights and filled the days with parks, walks and playgrounds. We also met up with the Sharma family and their newest addition, little Alex.

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Malina is 9 months old!!

This month, Malina traveled to Seattle to visit Chuck and Jessica’s business school friends, Amy, Zvonimir, Tracy, Doug, Saurabh, Ann and Suzanne. While there, Jessica hosted a babies shower for Amy (she’s expecting twins!), which included a diaper cake and other delectable treats. In addition to meeting our business school buddies, Malina also got to meet Jessica’s long-time friend Terence, his wife Sandy and their new baby boy, Owen.

Don’t think Malina had all the fun though! Chuck and Jessica also took some time off from their parenting duties this month. First, we went to Bill and Kara’s wedding in Berkeley, where Bill and Kara entered their reception wearing boxing gloves and dancing to the title song to Rocky. Second, Jessica and her fellow Golden Gate Mom’s Group moms went out for a night on the town while Chuck stayed home with Malina for some quality father/daughter bonding.

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