Logan is 10 months old!

As usual, it was a busy month, and this time I’ve broken the photos down into three groups: Washington DC, Maryland, and San Francisco.

The family flew East for Chuck’s cousin’s (Steve) wedding. We spent a few days in Georgetown before heading down to rural Maryland. We spent our time catching up with friends and sightseeing. Chuck got together with a high school friend and MBA school friends… he really made the rounds! Malina had a great playdate with our friends and their daughter in Bethesda. Unfortunately, we were there during a heat wave and it was definitely the warmest weather poor little Logan had ever endured!

We took the scenic route down to Nichole’s (Chuck’s cousin) house in Newberg, MD. She and her family live in a beautiful home on a huge farm, and were kind enough to let us stay with them for a few nights. Malina was so excited to meet her cousin Sydney and learn all about life on a farm. Sydney has her own goats, and Malina was fascinated by this. Logan loved *riding* all the farm equipment. Grandma Lisa and Grandpa Chuck drove up from Florida for the festivities, so the kids got a lot of quality time with the grandparents … they also helped us out a lot by watching the kids so we could have a bit of a break. The entire family attended Steve’s wedding, which was held on a nice vineyard. It was great to see so many of Chuck’s family members, but and I can honestly say that it’s going to be a LONG time before I bring our kids to another wedding. It was rough. But at the same time it was great to socialize with everyone and enjoy a beautiful wedding. The following day, Nichole hosted a huge family reunion, full of wonderful company and great food!!

Jessica’s family (Grandma Robin, Grandpa Ken, and GG) came to San Francisco for for the holidays. We went out for a fancy dinner one night (sans kids) to celebrate GG’s 85th birthday, Grandma Robin’s birthday, and Aunt Emily’s acceptance into PhD programs at both MIT and Stanford (we are very proud of her)!! We had a nice Passover Seder one night, a first for Chuck, Rob, Malina and Logan! We also visited a new kiddie museum that had a carousel. All in all, it was a great visit, but felt too short!

Judging by Logan’s size, I am sure you can tell that Logan is an eater! He literally eats anything and everything I put in front of him. He has tried every vegetable I can think of and hasn’t rejected any, not even kale! He seems to have a love for carbs as well, and tolerates chicken when I puree it. Since he gobbles everything up, we haven’t had to add too much fruit into the mix to sweeten it up. I just hope it stays this way.

Logan has had a busy month learning how to move. In a matter of one week he started to crawl, learned to pull up to standing on his own, and *walk* while we hold onto his arms. He absolutely loves being supported in the standing position and protests when he set him down! Logan seems to be far more interested in getting into things than Malina was. Yep, it’s officially time to re-babyproof our house! Logan also cut 4 teeth this month and none of them have seemed to bother him at all. He is so even-keeled, it’s wonderful! The only time he cries is when he is over tired… it seems as though he really likes to be on a strict schedule. My favorite new action this month is his waving goodbye and saying “BYE BYE” at the top of his lungs when someone leaves the room or the house. It is adorable. Otherwise, he is working on all the standard babble words, ma ma, da da, ya ya, ba ba, and he has even started throwing in some sounds with more syllables recently. And the runner up cutest thing is his laugh, he giggles when we tickle him, when his sister is around, and when he sees his reflection in the mirror.

Malina continues to grow and amaze us every day. She is turning into an independent little lady who has her own set of preferences! She picks out all her own clothes and dresses herself for the most part (but does have to ask which way is forwards on her undies). Her favorite color continues to be orange, so most days of the week she is sporting one of her orange items. He vocabulary and sentence structure are amazing. Often times I forget that I am talking to an almost 3-year-old. She is getting really strong and loves to hang onto bars at the playground! She is strong enough to hold herself in the air for several seconds. Malina’s life is pretty exciting, full of pre-school activities, birthday parties, playdates, excursions, museums, and visitors. BUT, her favorite activity with Mom is “project Friday”!! Each Friday we do something fun together, just the two of us for 3 hours or so. Two weeks ago we started several planting/seed projects and every few days we talk about them again as we watch them grow and change.

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