Wrapping up the summer (omg – time flies!)

We packed a lot of fun into the final few weeks of summer vacation. From a weekend up at Pine Mountain Lake to play-dates to museums to picnics to birthday parties to wine tasting to karate classes and more! All the while chasing around two very active young ones. Having Logan on the go has added a whole new element to outings. He has no fear of falling or leaving Mom/Dad’s side or climbing on anything and everything. He is a very confident mover who loves his new found freedom!! It is so fun to watch him explore on his own and see the smile on his face when he does something new on his own!

Things Logan is doing:
> saying “thank you” when we give him things
> climbing on stools
> giving kisses
> asking for more (usually sounds like moh moh, moh moh)
> wanting to eat anything that anyone else is eating
> slamming our cabinets together, trying to break the baby-locks
> pulling his sister’s hair
> hating diaper changes
> drinking from his own sippy cup
> trying to eat with a fork (an adult fork, he will have it no other way)

Things Malina is doing:
> being incredibly understanding when Logan pulls her hair
> speaking a bit of Spanish, mostly “hola” and “por favor” for now
> getting ready for her second year of preschool
> going to the bottom of the pool for rings
> playing hop-scotch
> weaning monkey as her milk has dried up
> ‘reading’ to her monkey baby
> getting very good at hide and go seek

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