Logan is SEVEN months old

The first half of Logan’s seventh month was spent celebrating Hanukkah and Christmas and spending time with family. We hosted a holiday party at our house and had several other families over. We had a beautiful tree and decorated it, as well as our house, with lots of ornaments and decorations passed down from Chuck’s mom and dad. Jessica’s parents and grandmother flew to San Francisco on Christmas Eve and we spent Christmas day in Livermore with Jessica’s other grandparents, aunt and cousin. It was great to see everyone!! Emily and her boyfriend Rob spent the holidays in Australia, with his family.

Logan clearly didn’t understand the concept of gifts, but he did enjoy tearing off wrapping paper and putting it directly into his mouth! He received several things, mostly books about cars/trucks/machinery and a few play trucks. He is enjoying them and also very good about sharing them with his big sister.

Malina really enjoyed the holidays. She isn’t old enough to expect gifts yet, which was great, because there was no whining! She received puzzles, books, art supplies, slippers and a rain cover for her stroller (since we walk her to school, rain or shine).

And what did Chuck and I get each other for the holidays? New desk chairs! Oh yeah, we are romantic ;) But Jessica did receive a beautiful watch for her birthday a few weeks earlier!

We spent New Year’s weekend in Sonoma with another family who has 2 children close in age to Malina and Logan. It was nice to get away for a few days and relax with friends. We did everything from wine tasting to kiddie train rides to cooking s’mores over a fire to spending time in the hot tub! Malina had her first ever slumber party; she and Eliza shared a room … but at 4am they hosted a “jail break”, got each other out of their respective beds and started running around, very proud of their accomplishment!! Luckily we woke up before they strayed more than 10 feet from their bedroom door.

Logan has really taken a liking to solids, which isn’t a surprise, given his size. So far he has tasted:
butternut squash
sweet potato
banana (may be allergic)
rice cereal
oat cereal

We also moved some furniture around! Malina moved into her very own big girl bed!! We are only 48 hours into the transition, but she has done an amazing job so far, staying in bed the entire time, and we are very proud of her. Logan finally moved out of his co-sleeper bed and into a crib! I think he likes it because he is a big boy and he has more space.

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Easter egg hunt at the zoo

Golden Gate Mom’s Group hosted a big Spring event at the SF Zoo last weekend, they had live music, entertainment, bouncy houses, food, bubbles, face painting and an Easter Egg hunt. We hung out with friends Andy, Laurel and baby Eliza most of the time. Malina and Eliza had a great time running around. Chuck and I used it as an opportunity to evaluate and compare every double stroller on the market :)

The Easter Egg hunt was a bust for the most part though, too many over zealous, type-A, Bay Area parents that ran over everyone else to get eggs for their kids!?! So we picked up one egg and placed it safely away from the madness (no joke – parents were tripping over other children to get “the right shot”), then we set it on the ground and let Malina retrieve it. She’d had enough at that point and headed for the playground. No interest in plastic eggs filled with candy (whew)!

However, the following day she happened upon another Easter Egg hunt and did pick up (and re-hide) several eggs that didn’t belong to her.

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McMilin / Howard family visit

Jessica’s parents Robin and Ken, as well as her grandmother, Florence, flew into SF for the holidays. They spent time in San Francisco, Mountain View (where Jessica’s sister lives), Livermore (where Ken’s parents live) as well as a few days in the Russian River!! Jessica’s sister, Emily, and her boyfriend Rob drove up to SF for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We had Christmas dinner out in Livermore with Barbara and Bob!

As usual, we had a great time with family here. We went out lots of outings, read tons of books, and hung out with family :)

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Christmas Day 2010

We spent Christmas in the Bay Area this year. Jessica’s parents and grandmother (mother’s side) flew in. Her sister, Emily, and boyfriend, Rob, drove up as well. We spent the morning eating and opening gifts at our place. Malina was incredibly fortunate to receive all sorts of generous gifts from everyone in the family!! She had a blast opening them :) We enjoyed opening our gifts as well.

Then we drove out to Livermore in the pouring rain to spend Christmas dinner with Jessica’s other set of grandparents (father’s side). The food and company were wonderful and of course there were more gifts to open there. A wonderful and memorable day for all!!

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December 2010 – Getting ready for the holidays!

December has been a really rainy month in San Francisco!! We have gotten outside at every available opportunity and even found ourselves stuck in the rain a few times. The good news is that Malina doesn’t seem to mind the rain and loves jumping in puddles! Needless to say, we’ve had to come up with lots of indoor activities for our active little one! Luckily, San Francisco has lots of great holiday decorations to check out, so we kept ourselves busy viewing the amazing trees and gingerbread houses in fancy hotel lobbies.

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