Jessica’s Family’s Visit!

Jessica’s Mom and Dad and Grandmother flew in for a few days in late April. Both Jessica and Emily, as well as both sets of Grandparents live in California, so it’s like a one stop shop to see everyone :) Since Jessica’s parents used to live in the Bay Area, they aren’t into the touristy things, other than great exhibits that come to our museums and not theirs … which means we spend most of the time visiting with family and taking Malina to her favorite spots.

Their visit overlapped with Baby Boy Anderson’s Sprinkle event hosted by our good friends Will, Sarah and TJ. If you aren’t familiar with a “sprinkle”, it’s a gift free celebration for baby #2 (or any sibling after #1). It is a nice way to celebrate the baby, but without all the fanfare. The theme for our event was “ice-cream social”, so everyone brought a different topping and we made huge ice cream sundaes and floats. Malina had her first taste of chocolate ice cream ever and it was love at first taste! She couldn’t get enough … in the photos you will see it all over her faces, clothing and even her ear?!!? All in all, we had a great afternoon; it was wonderful to see so many friends and celebrate with everyone :)

View photos of Jessica’s family’s visit and the sprinkle.

Baby Bigelow baby shower in Denver

Jessica and two other friends hosted a baby shower weekend extravaganza for Lindsey in Denver, CO. Jessica has known Lindsey since junior high school, and they have remained close over the years! Lindsey was a traveling nurse for quite a while, and did 2 stints in SF, which were a lot of fun!!

Lindsey and her husband Dave now live near Breckenridge, CO, so we decided to host the event in “the city”. Thirteen people flew or drove in to help Lindsey celebrate Baby Bigelow! This number didn’t include significant others and children who were there also. As luck would have it, Chuck got the weekend off work (for the most part), so he and Malina went with Jessica to CO, but weren’t part of the main events. However, the two of them did have some great bonding time together!!

The itinerary included spa time, a girls lunch, walks around town (it was freezing), a large group dinner (families invited as well), and a brunch just for the girls. In addition to all of this, we made a few side plans to see friends Lauren/Trent who were visiting CO at the same time, Wharton friends Kate/Patrick/Teddy who now live in CO, and Jessica’s cousins the Hamilton/Bloombaums.

It was an exhausting and chaotic 3 days but well worth it! As usual, I wish we had taken more photos, we missed entire events, but I guess those parts will have to remain memories.

View photos of our weekend in Denver.