Malina’s First “Lady-Date”

First time on ice skates! Getting ready

Yes folks, you heard it right… this was not a play-date, it was a lady-date! After several challenging weeks with Malina’s bedtime routine, we made a deal that if she could be smooth for 5 nights, Jessica would take her ice skating (she chose this activity) and she asked for hot chocolate as well… something she’s never had before. So she managed to be smooth for 5 out of the following 9 nights and we went! Who knew there was a full size ice skating rink in downtown San Francisco?!

Malina didn’t love ice-skating, but we did 2 entire laps holding hands. Then we had hot cocoa, which she didn’t like either. But they just opened a “City Target” in the same building, and that was a total hit!! She loved it! She commented that she’d never been in such a big store… our little urban girl.

View photos of us trying to ice-skate.