Logan is TWO!

How is my baby boy turning 2 years old already? Even though he is far too big to be a “baby”, I still enjoy my sweet cuddly moments with him when he is drinking milk before bed. 

Otherwise, he is incredibly busy! He has several 3 and 4 word sentences, most of which go something like … “I can do it”, “Loggie do it”, “I did it”, “I want it”, and “Where is Meenah?”. On occasion he will throw out a 6 word sentence, which always surprises us!

He can also carry on basic conversations. Today, as he returned to the house with Sandra, it went like this:
Mom: Hi Logan! How was your morning?
Logan: Good. Playground! Cold.
Mom: Did you have a nice time?
Logan: Yes, with trucks, vroom!
Mom: How nice. What are you doing now?
Logan: Nap. Milk. Monkey.

More than anything, I love the cute imperfect words:
Pee-pack for piggyback
Bluebies for blueberries
Structure for any type of construction site
Packpack for backpack
No-no for motorcycle (err, Mom might have had something to do with that one ;)
Hain for hand

You are very interested in how things work, especially things with wheels. You are always checking out the stroller wheels as well as shopping cart wheels. You also stop to check out every single bike locked on the sidewalk to see how the pedals turn … you go forwards and backwards, you are just mesmerized by it. You also have great ears! In our old 1927 home, you can hear the water in the pipes and you’ve started to pick up on this and ask “where the water” while you lift your little hands into the air and cock your head. We told you that it’s in the pipes in the walls, so whenever you hear the rushing water sound you look around, find a wall, put your ear up to it and say “pipes”!

I never imagined that you would be such a sweet and empathetic little boy. You care so much about the people around you; you’re always helping and giving in situations that I think would be too complex for you to understand. You just have such a big heart filled with so much love that you’re always putting your family and friends first … this usually involved a sweet treat or a coveted toy that you share instead of indulging on your own, even though you love it and want it for yourself.

3 feet tall!
30 pounds!
** At this exact age, Malina was 1 inch shorter and 2.5 pounds lighter.

Logan is happy and healthy … and we feel so fortunate to have him in our lives.