Grandpa Chuck’s Visit

Playing with Gpa Chuck 20130302 Grandpa Chuck 08679-Edit-1-Edit-1 Playing with Gpa Chuck AoS

Grandpa Chuck came up to San Francisco to visit the family. We packed his 5 day visit full of play-dates, a parties, two music classes, a waterfront walk, a museum visit, a nice dinner out, playgrounds and a house hunting trip in Palo Alto. Whew!! We really lucked out with great weather while he was here, although not as warm as it is in his new home state, Arizona.

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Daddy has a new job!

Chuck's new employer!

Chuck recently turned in his letter of resignation at Credit Suisse and accepted an offer from LinkedIn!!! His new title is: Director, Corporate FP&A (Financial Planning and Analysis – for those who aren’t familiar with the acronym).

It is a great opportunity professionally as well as an opportunity to spend more time at home with his family!

We are so PROUD of you Daddy!!

Malina’s First “Lady-Date”

First time on ice skates! Getting ready

Yes folks, you heard it right… this was not a play-date, it was a lady-date! After several challenging weeks with Malina’s bedtime routine, we made a deal that if she could be smooth for 5 nights, Jessica would take her ice skating (she chose this activity) and she asked for hot chocolate as well… something she’s never had before. So she managed to be smooth for 5 out of the following 9 nights and we went! Who knew there was a full size ice skating rink in downtown San Francisco?!

Malina didn’t love ice-skating, but we did 2 entire laps holding hands. Then we had hot cocoa, which she didn’t like either. But they just opened a “City Target” in the same building, and that was a total hit!! She loved it! She commented that she’d never been in such a big store… our little urban girl.

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Mostly Tennessee Valley and a birthday at MyGym too

Malina Bean! Loggie Bear! Cuddles at the beach
Loving the sand Beautiful background too!

We spent a beautiful and sunny February morning north of the Golden Gate Bridge in Tennessee Valley. To our surprise the parking lot was already full at 9am and there were tons of families taking the mile trek down to the beach. The kids enjoyed the walk and all the “nature” we saw along the way. Once down near the water they played in a cold little stream with new found friends. The walk back was later than planned and several meltdowns ensued …

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