Happy Holidays!

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We stayed local for Hanukkah and Christmas this year. After all of our travel over the previous months, it seemed like the best decision for everyone. We spent the weekends leading up to the holidays doing all the usual stuff, like seeing the lights downtown, attending holiday parties with friends, touring the Fairmont Hotel, checking out the Xmas tree in Union Square, and walking through the largest (real) gingerbread house in the country… all of which the kids only sort of enjoy. Thus far we have totally skipped the long lines and crying that typically come with sitting on Santa’s lap, and I couldn’t be happier about this decision!

Jessica’s parents and Grandma stayed with us from Christmas Eve to New Year’s Day. Since Chuck and I both had a few days off work, we became tourists in our own city and saw several of the scenic sights that we haven’t toured in years. The highlights being the (ah-mazing) Point Bonita Lighthouse near Rodeo Beach, wine tasting in Sonoma County, and the old bunkers along the coast. We all (including Emily and Rob, who live on the Peninsula now) spent Christmas Day in Livermore with Jessica’s other grandparents. It was an eventful afternoon and evening filled with good food and lots of laughs. New Years Eve ended up being nice and mellow, as we spent the evening in — something we haven’t done in years.

As a side note, you are going to start seeing Logan in more dresses and skirts. That has nothing to do with living in San Francisco, but everything to do with Logan’s LOVE for his big sister Malina. He wants to do EVERYTHING that she does. EVERYTHING! And in this household, we aren’t concerned about his current obsession with tutus having any impact on his future self!

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Logan is 18 months old!

Our BIG BOY! You are officially a year and a half old and absolutely the sweetest little man!

For the most part, you are an easy little guy. You wake up happy, you enjoy food, you love to play, and you don’t put up a fight at all when it’s time for bed. It never ceases to amaze me that you’re such a great (non sleep trained) little sleeper. You’ve gotten to the point where you say night night when you’re tired. You also belt out “e-i-e-i-o” since we sing “Little Logan lived on a Farm” to the tune of Old MacDonald as part of the bedtime routine. Then once in your crib, you pile you lovie, monkey and elephant on top of each other and then you lay you little head on them like a pillow. And generally speaking, we don’t hear another peep out of you after that. You just go to sleep and sleep for 12 amazing hours!

You have 50+ words (45 English and 5 Spanish) but you understand so much. When we ask for help you will comply, such as “pick up the diaper and put it in the trash please” and you will do it. Or today I asked you if you had a dirty diaper, you said no. Then I asked you to come over to me and turn around so I could check and you did. Amazed!

You are very active, you love to run around the house playing with your sister and you love to jump! You are strong and you have good coordination so you can actually hoist yourself up off the ground a few inches each time. You usually jump 3 times in a row.

You finally kiss my face when I ask for a kiss. Previously, you’ve just kissed books. Also, Malina bumped her eye and cried and you looked genuinely concerned and kissed her eye 4 times. So sweet!! You have figured out the magical healing power of a loving kiss! You LOVE your sister, you hug her and kiss her and get very concerned when she is crying

Height: 33.5 inches = 85th percentile
Weight: 27 pounds and 8 ounces = 75th percentile
Head circumference is still up at the 99th percentile as well :)

Things you’ve been saying:
“Whyyyyy?” usually in appropriate context
“No” in a matter of fact yet sweet manner
“Wuv you” as I kissed him tonight
Spanish words: agua, abre, sucio, hola and adios
Malina (also: ni-na, mo-weena, and mee-nah)
Lovie (more like wuvie)
Dok (for dog)
GG (for great grandma)
** You are also an amazing parrot; you can repeat, very clearly, many words that are spoken to you.

where are you?
bye bye train
bye bye see you!

You amaze us every day little man! WE LOVE YOU!