Logan is ONE YEAR OLD … Bye bye baby, and hello toddler!

I truly can’t believe it’s been a year. In many ways, it feels like he has been part of our family forever, but in other ways it feels like he was just a tiny 6-pound baby yesterday! Logan truly is the sweetest little boy we could have ever imagined. He rounds out our family perfectly; our handsome, sweet, loving, curious, patient, and perpetually happy son.

I think the greatest thing about having 2 children is to see the bond that has formed between them. Without a doubt, Logan knows that Malina is the most important and special person in his life. He follows her around constantly! Everything she does makes him laugh and he often tries to mimic her actions. Malina loves Logan so much and is always helping out (with everything from bottles to diaper changes) and she is always looking out for him. If someone is holding him and he starts to cry, she will say “Mommy, get him, he doesn’t like that person!”. She also tries to teach him everything she knows, and we have to remind her that he is still a baby and can’t do most of those things yet. One of the cutest things Malina has been doing is treating her monkey like her baby, so when I nurse Logan, she nurses monkey, when I put Logan to bed, she puts monkey to bed, and when I complain that Logan bit me or accidently head butt me, she will complain of monkey doing something similar (and even show me her boo boo). It’s been pretty funny to see this evolve and it’s something she came up with all on her own.

As usual, Logan has been busy! He has become a very fast crawler and if he sees something he wants, like a fridge door open or a potty with the lid up, he will put his head down and fast crawl to his destination with the hopes of getting there before the door has shut or the lid has gone down. If he is too late, he shrieks a loud protest, and then moves on to something else. He has also become very good at pulling to standing and cruising along the walls, furniture and people’s legs. He even lets go and stands up on his own for several seconds… and then he starts to clap for himself (because he is so proud) which usually causes him to fall down. We don’t have stairs at home, but anytime we go somewhere with stairs, he goes into climbing mode and doesn’t seem to tire when it comes to climbing up them.

Logan has also done a great job on the food front… he literally eats anything I set in front on him, from raw leaves of spinach to beets to salmon, he gobbles it all down. The only thing he doesn’t seem to really like is sweet stuff, like the sweeter fruits. We also started his “dairy challenge” a few weeks ago and so far so good! Logan loves it, his body seems to digest it now, and Mom is really enjoying her lattes again. Ahhhh!! No more dairy allergy! As we ramp up the dairy, we are phasing out the breastmilk. While I will NOT miss pumping, I will miss all the cuddling… so we are taking it slow because I know Logan enjoys it too. Next up, a soy challenge in July.

Logan has been working on his vocabulary! So far he says:
Dada (very loud)
Uh oh (as you intentionally drop peas off the side of your high chair)
Stuck (when your toy walker get close to a wall and you can’t turn it)
Bye bye and waving while doing it
Nya nya for Sandra
And the most adorable thing you just started is blowing kisses out of your cute little chubby hand

For Logan’s first birthday party, we had a small family celebration with Mom, Dad, Sister, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt and Great Grandma. We sang to him, gave him his first taste of sugar, and let him try to open his own gifts. I think he had a great time! As I expected though, Logan was not into his birthday cake, he just stared at it, then knocked it off his tray, and then picked at it a tiny bit. I am okay with him not having a sweet tooth. The next morning we packed up and spent a week in Lake Tahoe (sans Chuck). The trip was wonderful! We stayed in a nice home very close to the lake, took a few hikes, and just enjoyed being close to nature.

Logan’s well baby statistics:
Height = 30.5 inches (80th %)
Weight = 24 pounds and 13 ounces (88th %)
Head circ = 49 cm (99th %)


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Logan is walking!

Several videos of his progress. This little guy was very determined to master walking incredibly quickly and has really persevered over the past two weeks! We are very proud of him :)

Day 2 of walking:

Day 4 of walking:

A few falls:

Day 14 of walking: He is a total pro and working on his dancing skills now (hope to record that soon)