Malina Milestones: completed 1st year of preschool and 1st haircut

Yes, it’s been a busy week!

Malina completed her first year of preschool, which is so hard to believe, it feels like we dropped her off for her first day so recently. Malina was attending a Reggio Emilia program 8 hours a week and really loved her teachers, loved learning and made several great friends. We have a 3 month break and then she is going back next year for 20 hours a week. Over the summer we have a few trips planned but otherwise it’s back to being a kid with lots of free time to play! I hope I do not regret skipping summer camps this year.

Malina also had her first haircut this week. We took her to a local place that specializes in kids haircuts. The kids sit in normal chairs but they put in a cool booster seat. The room is filled with toys, train tables, and photos of lots of other kids getting their haircut, including famous ones. Malina acted like a total pro, no fears, no tears, no worries … just smiles.

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