Logan is 11 months old

This month was actually rather low-key! We had a visit from an old MBA school friend, Susanne, who currently lives in Dallas. It was wonderful to see her and catch up. As a bonus, she was great with Malina and Logan and became very popular as everyone was vying for her time. Malina apparently thought that Susanne sounded like Little Lamb, so Malina nick-named her Mary Had a Little Lamb … and the name stuck!

We also spent a weekend hanging out with Aunt Emily and Rob down in Mountain View. While there, Logan decided it was time to start walking while holding onto furniture. A very fun and exciting milestone, but also a bit tough when you’re in not somewhere that is baby-proofed. That said, Logan loves the new found freedom and switches back and forth between the fast crawl and the slow walking with support. Malina loved the visit and enjoyed playing in their yard and garden!

As Logan has become a bit more mobile, it has been really fun to watch him play with/follow/try to copy Malina as she moves from room to room playing. Sometimes he will plop down in the middle of a room and just watch her with great excitement. He lets out loud shrieks of joy when she does something funny or something that involves him. He is constantly amazed by her and we can tell that he already looks up to her.

When Logan sees an opportunity to crawl off, he always heads for a toilet, a pipe or an electrical outlet. His favorite pastimes are swishing around toilet water and pulling Malian’s nightlight out of the socket. I am not sure what to make of this. Our biggest challenge with him being so mobile is that he won’t stay still for a second, so diaper changes and outfit changes are a real fight and involve lots of crying and pinning him down. Hopefully this phase passes quickly!

Otherwise, our month was filled with family time, visiting friends and Malina’s 3rd birthday (which has it’s own blog post).

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Malina is THREE years old

<- that was then and this is now ->

It is hard to believe that our baby girl just turned three years old! She is growing up so quickly! It has been an incredible journey thus far to watch Malina transform from a fragile newborn (photos here) into a confident preschooler. She has her own friends, her own (very strong) opinions, likes & dislikes, and a strong sense of self. When I ask her “Who loves Malina?” she will say “Malina!” and then she will rattle off her family members, teachers and friends, too. But I think it’s so great that she always names herself first.

Like all toddlers, Malina has her ups and downs and is incredibly emotional at times, but I am going to focus on the positive stuff here!

I am constantly impressed at how well Malina deals with major transitions!! The birth of her brother Logan was smooth, she loves him so much and is incredibly caring the majority of the time (but does take an occasional swipe). The move from the Marina to Laurel Heights and a new bedroom was a non-event for her. She was thrilled with her new, albeit much smaller, room. As far as the transition into preschool, she enters the classroom with enthusiasm each day (after a brief grasp on an adult leg) and comes home with wonderful stories about the day. The move from a crib to a big girl bed happened in just one night, and since then she has stayed in that bed for each and every nap and night – it’s been amazing! We are so proud of Malina and her ability to confront change head on and just embrace it.

Malina is a social little lady, she loves her friends and each morning she asks me who she is going to see that day. She checks in to see if she has preschool, a play-date or a birthday party to attend, or perhaps a trip to a museum. Once she has her day figured out, she asks about the details of who she is seeing when and where and if there will be time to go to the playground or swimming in between. It is very cute. Anytime we have friends over, even if they are adult friends, she offers to show them her room and then asks them to help her build a structure with her bristle blocks or her mag-formers. She hates to go to bed when we have guests over. And if the conversation veers away from all things toddler, she says “stop talking!” and brings it right on back to her level.

Things I love doing with Malina:
> cuddling together and reading a book (over and over and over)
> working on a Friday project together (usually a science or garden activity)
> watching the wheels turn in her brain as she is learning or seeing something for the first time
> listening to her negotiate for one more book or one more graham cracker
> seeing the look of excitement on her face when she accomplishes something new
> just slowing down and looking at the world through her eyes every now and then …

According to Malina:
favorite color = orange (and red)
best friend at school = Lulu
favorite food = cereal
favorite book = anything by Dr. Seuss, LadyBug Girl, and Goosey (aka – Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes)
favorite in-house activity = a pretend hike to San Diego
favorite toy = bristle blocks
favorite playground = Clay Street
favorite out-of-house activity = music class with teacher Barb!

At Malina’s 3 year check-up her stats were:
Height = 39 inches @ 90th %
Weight = 34 pounds @ 55th %

We held her 3rd birthday party at a KinderGym type location and invited 18 of her closest friends (and their parents). Everyone had a great time playing together and we tried to capture all the cutest moments. Unbeknownst to us, several important settings on our camera had been changed, so the majority of the photos have bizarre coloring and are blurry. Bummer.

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