Logan is 9 months old!

The past month was full of visitors and trips!

Aunt Jeanna came up from Arizona to spend some quality time with our family. Malina and Jeanna re-bonded very quickly and had lots of fun playing and reading together. This was Logan’s first time meeting Jeanna, and he warmed up to her very quickly. The highlights of Jeanna’s visit were: a trip to the Bay Area Discovery Museum, a visit to the Academy of Sciences, goofing off in the playroom, going to the playground, and dinner out at a great pizza joint!

We hosted a dinner party with several friends and their children. Malina enjoyed playing with her friends and staying up way past her bedtime! It was also a chance for Mom and Dad to catch up with dear friends that we don’t see often enough.

The stars aligned one weekend when it was snowing in Tahoe and Chuck didn’t have to be in the office working … so we zipped up to Tahoe and stayed at our cousin’s beautiful home in Incline Village (thank you Suzie)! We took the kids sledding, and Malina loved it! Not a surprise, but she was a total dare devil and demanded to sled alone, even went over jumps. It was a very relaxing weekend; we mostly played in the snow, hung out at Northstar’s village, and enjoyed the lake.

Otherwise, Malina has been keeping busy with pre-school, swim lessons and “dramatic play”.

Logan went in for his 9 month appt and he crushed it! He is one big dude:
Height: 29 inches
Weight: 24 pounds
Head circ: 48.4cm

Logan is rolling over and pulling up to standing, but our pediatrician isn’t confident that Logan will crawl because he’s so big. He cut 2 more teeth and he’s clapping a lot, with a huge grin on his face; it’s pretty cute. He still isn’t sleeping through the night, which is challenging, but we hope that we’re getting closer. All in all, he’s such a happy and easy baby that we can’t complain. Logan loves to eat, and he pretty much devours anything we put in front of him. New foods this month were:
Wheat Germ

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