Logan is 8 months old!

It is hard to believe that Logan is 8 months old. He continues to be such a sweet, laid back, and loving little boy. Logan rarely cries, and when he does, it’s almost always because he is hungry. He loves to sit up and watch his sister play! He just smiles as Malina runs around him and sometimes includes him in her games. More recently, he has made it clear that he really wants to stand up. He can hold himself up supported by a couch, or another soft object, but he prefers it when one of us just holds him upright so he can jump up and down. He doesn’t roll or crawl yet, so this is his main form of exercise, other than pushing himself backwards.

The highlight of the month was a visit from Auntie Em and Rob. They brought up a few musical instruments and tuned Malina’s guitar so that we could have a little jam session. Malina is very interested in “dramatic play” so they acted out a hiking trip with her. Malina’s preschool teachers told us that she is a leader in the class and always coming up with little scenarios for the kids to act out.

Malina is turning into such a big girl, and dare I say, perhaps leaving her terrible twos behind. She continues to hone in on her preferences, one of which is a love of the color orange. As you go through the photos, you will see it all over her outfits. She also recently upgraded (shockingly smoothly) to a big girl bed and we’re awaiting the arrival of her orange duvet cover!

The rest of the month was spent dealing with illnesses! Malina likely picked up RSV at preschool and had a mild case, but she passed it onto Logan, and due to his age, he has had a much more severe case. It all started with our poor little boy wheezing one night and got to the point where he coughed so hard that he threw up three times. So sad. RSV led to ear infections for both of them … which meant that we had 4 doctor appointments over 5 days. Everyone we know has sick kids at the moment. We look forward to this passing soon :)

Logan continues to love solids and hasn’t rejected a single item we’ve put in front of him (alone or mixed with others). New foods this month include:
Green beans
Egg Yolk

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Family Photo Session

Our favorite photographer, Nancy Alcott, did a fun family photo-shoot in the Presidio! It was freezing cold, so we were constantly bundling Logan and Malina up in warmer clothes, but I think we still got several great photos!! Our goal for the session was to capture a great family photo for the holidays as well as get some images of sweet siblings, Logan and Malina, together at 6 months and 2 1/2 years (respectively).

View photos of our family photoshoot