Logan is 5 months old

The big event this past month was HALLOWEEN! Malina was so excited about it this year and really enjoyed walking around our neighborhood checking out all the decorations in the days leading up to
Halloween. She is very detail oriented and would notice when a given house added more decoration. Malina picked out her own costume, and dressed up as Wonder Woman this year. Logan wore a hand me down costume from a friend and was a cuddly little monkey :)

It seems that we are finally getting settled into more of routine as Logan’s daytime sleep is becoming more predictable. This means more outdoor activities and more play dates with friends (both of which make Malina very happy)! That said, we’re still spending more time indoors than we used to, so Malina has had a lot of time to perfect her coloring, painting, and puzzle doing skills :)

Logan continues to make us smile each and every day. He remains low key!! He loves to smile, make raspberries, drool, push up during tummy time … but most of all, he just loves to be held. He also really likes his milk! I often pump, since I work, and he will lock his eyes onto a bottle of milk and watch as we move it around. If he sees the fridge open and the bottle go inside, he bursts out into tears. It’s hilarious. This guy loves his milk! He is also very interested in food, he stares at us when we eat and he actually opens and closes his mouth and smacks his lips when food is out. Perhaps the cutest thing of all, is how much he loves and admires his big sister! He watches her everywhere she goes, she tries to imitate her actions, and he giggles when she gently pets him. He truly knows that she is a special little person in his life!

Malina continues to loves preschool and learns new things every day. Most recently, she has started adding the word “actually” to many of her sentences. It sounds so cute. Malina has made 2 best friends at school and she tells us about them all the time. She is also working to help potty train them, since she is the only kid in the class who uses the toilet. We had our first “parent-teacher” conference this week and they had nothing but positive things to say about Malina. We were a little concerned that she may play too rough with the other kids (as she does on play dates), but they said she is very sweet and nurturing and even helps cheer kids up when they start to cry (i.e. when they miss mom and dad). We were very proud and only hope every parent teacher conference will be this positive ;)

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Sharing the red pants

A few of Malina’s clothes are totally gender neutral and we have passed them down to Logan. One item in particular is these red pants, which are sized “9 to 12 months”. I found a similar picture of each of them in the same pants and merged them together. Check it out. Click on the image to view it larger :)