Logan is FOUR months old!

Logan is officially a BIG BOY! His statistics from his 4-month appointment are:
Height =26.2 inches (90th percentile)
Weight = 17.5 pounds (94th percentile)
Head circumference = 44.7cm (99th percentile)
Head circumference isn’t super accurate based on the way it’s measured, so I don’t think he’s quite 99th percentile, but his head does look a bit like a bowling ball ;)

We don’t have nearly as many photos this month as we have had in previous months, and there are 3 main reasons why:
> Jessica went back to work 32 hours per week (from home)
> Jessica got pneumonia
> Jessica ran our point-and-shoot camera through a cycle in the washing machine

Otherwise, it’s been a good month!

Jessica’s Grandma Barbara celebrated her 90th birthday this month, as well as her 70th wedding anniversary to Grandpa Bob, so we had a big family celebration at their home in the East Bay (about an hour from us). It was so much fun to see everyone. Jessica’s sister Emily’s boyfriend, Rob, is a wonderful musician, so he busted out his guitar, and we sang several songs from the grandparent’s era.

Malina is loving preschool! She has 4 main teachers in her classroom, and in addition, they rotate specialists through, who focus on music, art, science, and gym. The activities she talks about most are art, where she has been working with glue, and science, where they have been outdoors in the garden and doing a moon project.

Logan is a really easy baby these days. He sleeps a lot!! He goes to bed around 7:30pm, wakes up around 4am for a quick feed, and then sleeps until 9 or 9:30am! He takes 2 solid naps each day and is able to put himself to sleep (sometimes) if we lay him down with his eyes open. We think he is such a good sleeper because his tummy is so big :) During his awake times he is incredibly active and alert! He loves to kick his legs, bring is hands to his mouth, hold onto objects put in his hands, smile, giggle, and follow us around the room with his eyes. He has even started to roll over!!

Malina continues to be a great big sister and helps out all the time. However, she keeps asking if she can lift him out of his chair and carry him around … and I want to say “umm, no, he almost weighs as much as you!!” Malina is getting excited for Halloween this year. She is dressing up as Wonder Woman (she picked it), and Logan is dressing up as a monkey with a banana in his pocket. So Malina keeps asking if she can be Wonder Woman with a banana in her pocket :)

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