Logan is three months old

We’ve had a busy and great month! Logan is growing each and every day, literally! He is only 3 months old and already weighs 15 pounds!! The biggest benefit of his size is that he sleeps 9 hours straight each night, which is wonderful for Mom and Dad :) His daytime naps are great as well. He is also very strong … and despite his large head, he has gotten very good at tummy time ;) He continues to be an incredibly sweet little boy, who loves to be held and really only cries when he is hungry. He loves his big sister and is always watching her play and smiling at her. The only bummer is that we recently found out that Logan is allergic to dairy and soy. This means that Mom has to remove all dairy and soy from her diet, in order to keep breast-feeding him. The same was true with Malina, who got over both allergies by 14 months. We hope the same is true for him. In the meantime, Jessica is always looking for new dairy and soy free recipes.

Malina started pre-school this month! She is attending an Emilio Reggio focused program 2 days a week for a total of 8 hours. Despite never having been dropped off anywhere before, she has dealt with the transition incredibly well. There were a few tears on day 1, but she recovered quickly and hasn’t looked back. She loves school and asks to go each day. She has received rave reviews from her teachers and we are incredibly proud of her accomplishments.

This month we went to Livermore and introduce Logan to his Great Grandma Barbara and Great Grandpa Bob. It was love at first sight. We also went down to Mountain View and spent a day with Aunt Em and Rob. They have an amazing garden full of tomatoes, cucumber, squash and strawberries. They let Malina help them water and pick ripe veggies. They also let her take part in a science project testing the acidity of the soil. Last, the weather was warm enough for her to have her first experience running through the sprinkler. Emily was gracious enough to throw on her swimsuit to show her niece how it’s done :)

Our final big adventure of the month was our first weekend away since Logan came along. We spent Labor Day Weekend in a town called Felton, in the Santa Cruz mountains. We rented a bare bones cabin along a river and had a nice time, or as nice of a time as one can have with an 11 week old in tow. We hiked in the redwoods, rode a real steam engine train (Logan hated this) and checked out Santa Cruz, including the boardwalk. We also attempted to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary.

All in all, another wonderful month. We are loving being a family of FOUR!

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