Logan is TWO Months Old!

Month two of Logan’s life was another wonderful and busy month. We had a few additional days of GG’s company and help, and several friends stopped by to meet Logan: Chris Jones, the Keeperman’s, Hillary and Darren, Laurel and Eliza, as well as our entire playgroup! It was great to see everyone. Unfortunately, Logan picked up a cold (most likely from Malina, who kissed him on the lips).

Despite Logan’s cold, we also had a great visit with Grandpa Chuck and Grandma Lisa. They came in from Florida to meet Logan and spend some quality time with Malina. They brought all sorts of fun toys and cute clothes and won over Malina immediately. We kept them busy with outings to the playgrounds, Bay Area Discovery Museum, and a drive up the coast.

Next up was as quick 24-hour visit from Jessica’s Uncle Lloyd and his partner Martin. They met Logan for the first time and enjoyed holding the little guy. They also bonded with Malina over bedtime stories.

Last, we had another visit from Grandma Robin who just can’t get enough of her 2 daughters and 2 grandkids! It was great to see her, as always. She also provides a lot of help for Jessica.

At his 2-month checkup, Logan weighed in at 13 pounds, so he has more than DOUBLED his birth weight. This guy loves to eat. When he’s not eating, he has proven to be a great sleeper!! We are getting between 5 and 6 consecutive hours at night :) He also enjoys his play mat where he has learned to bat at his toys. He still doesn’t enjoy tummy time, but we force a few minutes each day to strengthen his neck muscles. He continues to smile and coo and seems to be a very happy baby.

Malina is off to preschool in ONE week. We’re doing our best to prepare her for the change, but I’m not sure mom and dad are quite ready for it. What happened to our baby girl??!!

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