Logan is One Month Old

Logan is officially one month old and no longer a newborn. We are doing our best to cherish ‘tiny’ because we’re only planning to have 2 children, so this is it! In many ways this first month has gone by incredibly quickly, but in other ways, I feel like we have already known this sweet little boy for such a long time!! At his one-month appointment, Logan weighed in at 9 pounds 6 ounces and measured 21.5 inches long! That translates to a 3 pound weight gain and 1 inch height increase :)

Logan’s biggest frustration over the past several days seems to be gas. It causes him to let out little screams of pain, mostly in the evenings. Poor little guy :( We do lots of “bicycle legs” and other gas relieving techniques. Otherwise, he is doing incredibly well. His favorite place seems to be cuddled up in a carrier right against someone’s chest. He will sleep like this for HOURS! He is getting better at sleeping in his co-sleeper as well, which frees up Mom a lot! That said, we are still getting up every 2.5 hours at night to feed.

Malina has done several sweet and loving things as a big sister like sing to Logan when he cries, read books to Logan when he is alert, and help rock him when he is in his bouncer. However, she does express moments of frustration, by trying to get too rough with him. We are doing our best to help foster a healthy relationship between the two of them by also giving Malina a lot of 1 on 1 time.

The past week has been busy and fun. Malina’s and Logan’s Aunt Emily (aka Amby-Em) took a week off of work to come up to the city and help out. As always, it was great to have her around. She and Malina played all sorts of creative games, and Emily helped out with Logan a lot too. But I’m sure the week served as a serious dose of birth control for her ;) When Emily left, Great Grandma Florence (aka GG) arrived. You would never know that she is in her 80’s based on how active, energetic and helpful she has been. She has taken the morning shift each day, which means a 6am wake-up with little miss Malina! She helps out however she can with both little ones. She also cleans up and cooks. We are so lucky to have her here!

When we’re not busy with Logan and Malina, we are still working to get settled into our new place.

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Logan: weeks 2 and 3

The past two weeks have been incredibly busy. In addition to caring for a newborn and a toddler, we decided to up and move 2 miles south! We hired packers, movers and unpackers, but there was still a lot of work to be done. On day of the move Jessica, Malina and Logan packed up and went to Jessica’s parents hotel, while Chuck project managed the move. We are still getting settled in our new place but we love having an extra bedroom as well as a better parking situation!

Logan is doing very well! His two favorite things are drinking Mom’s milk (he is gaining an ounce a day) and cuddling. If he had it his way, we think this is all he would do! He isn’t a huge fan of tummy time or being naked or getting his diaper changed. He does love his big sister Malina, and she loves him back.

Malina has adjusted really well to Logan and the new house. She loves her new room and shows it off to everyone who comes over. Her growing vocabulary and accurate sentence structure continue to impress us every day! She is also really good about telling us how she is feeling, usually along the lines of “Malina is HAPPY”, but at times she will tell us she is sad or scared and we can talk through it. This has proven far more effective :)

Jessica’s parents just left so we are on our own for a while. Wish us luck ;)

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