Memorial Day Wknd 2011

We enjoyed the long weekend!! Chuck got the entire weekend off work, which is rare … and we also had great weather here in the Bay Area so we got out and about as much as possible. Saturday morning we had a year 2 photo-shoot scheduled for Malina at a local studio. Mom and Dad jumped in a few photos, but it was mostly about her. She wasn’t enamored by the photographer so I don’t have high hopes, but we shall see how they turn out. Then we took a nice walk down Union St and went out for brunch. Malina was incredibly patient and enjoyed 2 pancakes … which is a favorite right now. We spent the afternoon organizing baby boy’s clothes and Malina decided which drawers each item belonged in. On Sunday we took a great hike up past Fairfax! It was far steeper than I expected but Chuck carried everything and I survived. Malina really enjoyed riding in the pack again, so we decided to take another hike in Larkspur on Monday. We also headed south for a baby friend’s first birthday party in Foster City. Malina was the “big kid” at this party. All in all, a great weekend!

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Malina and Eliza = Besties!

Malina and Eliza are truly the best of friends. We are close friends with Eliza’s parents so we see them often, but the girls also run into each other randomly out and about in the Marina, at places like the library, the park, and drop in gymnastics. They give a high pitch little squeal when they see each other from a distance. The always greet and part with a hug and kiss. Here are a few photos of them hanging out recently.

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New Backpack!

Yep, it’s finally happened … we broke down and bought a stuffed animal backpack that has a long “tail” and helps us keep Malina out of harms way. Lately she has learned to run very fast and has darted towards a busy road or another dangerous situation and found it funny … whereas we have found it very scary. Time outs here not working, loss of privileges was not working, so we had come up with another solution. We were originally concerned about negative “leash” like comments but quickly realized that strapping a child into a stroller seat with a 5 point harness is no less cruel than what we’re doing. The best approach is that we still hold her hand at all times, but if she wriggles her hand free, then we have a backup solution. And the great news is that Malina LOVES her new giraffe backpack, she actually asks to wear it because giraffe gives her kisses on her neck the whole time she is wearing it. Everyone is happy :) And we’ve only received positive comments and questions about where other desperate moms could buy one.

The Final Stretch (literally)

I am officially 36+ weeks pregnant! I am fortunate to have had a smooth pregnancy thus far, which means I can still pick up Malina (@ 27 pounds) and get into the gym most days of the week for a light work out. This past weekend we finally told Malina that she is going to be a big sister and we started reading books to her about the big change. She is excited (for now) and asked that we name him “Big Boy Baby Beluga Twinkle Twinkle Little (S)tar”. She has also asked if she can push him on the swings at the park :)

We recently converted Malina’s room into more of a big girl room by getting her a chair and setting up a reading area. We removed the glider and the changing table, neither of which she seems to miss. Since we live in a 2 bedroom place, those items moved into our room where baby boy will spend his first several months. Lots of changes to come!! We will keep you posted :)

WhipperSnapper Photos

We took advantage of a recent Groupon and signed up for a professional photo-shoot at a local photographer. I am not enamored with the images but others think they are okay. I think the biggest issue was that Malina was not into the photographer and remained standoffish the entire session. At least it was cheap ;)

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Malina’s 2nd Birthday – Photos

We celebrated Malina’s 2nd birthday at our house with 12 of Malina’s closest baby friends and their parents and siblings. We hired Malina’s favorite Little Bears musician to come over and sing with the kids for an hour. She brought her instruments as well as instruments for the kids. It was a total success, everyone had a great time!
Malina definitely understood that it was a special day and she kept asking for her crown and her chocolate cupcake :) It was adorable. She also practiced singing “Happy Birthday” so she knew all the words by the time we all sang to her!

We waited to open her gifts until her actual birthday and took a few pictures there as well.

We can’t believe how quickly our little lady is growing up!! We are trying to cherish every moment (good and bad), knowing that time passes so quickly.

Happy Birthday Malina!!

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Also, check out her birthday video below.