Jessica’s Family’s Visit!

Jessica’s Mom and Dad and Grandmother flew in for a few days in late April. Both Jessica and Emily, as well as both sets of Grandparents live in California, so it’s like a one stop shop to see everyone :) Since Jessica’s parents used to live in the Bay Area, they aren’t into the touristy things, other than great exhibits that come to our museums and not theirs … which means we spend most of the time visiting with family and taking Malina to her favorite spots.

Their visit overlapped with Baby Boy Anderson’s Sprinkle event hosted by our good friends Will, Sarah and TJ. If you aren’t familiar with a “sprinkle”, it’s a gift free celebration for baby #2 (or any sibling after #1). It is a nice way to celebrate the baby, but without all the fanfare. The theme for our event was “ice-cream social”, so everyone brought a different topping and we made huge ice cream sundaes and floats. Malina had her first taste of chocolate ice cream ever and it was love at first taste! She couldn’t get enough … in the photos you will see it all over her faces, clothing and even her ear?!!? All in all, we had a great afternoon; it was wonderful to see so many friends and celebrate with everyone :)

View photos of Jessica’s family’s visit and the sprinkle.

Easter egg hunt at the zoo

Golden Gate Mom’s Group hosted a big Spring event at the SF Zoo last weekend, they had live music, entertainment, bouncy houses, food, bubbles, face painting and an Easter Egg hunt. We hung out with friends Andy, Laurel and baby Eliza most of the time. Malina and Eliza had a great time running around. Chuck and I used it as an opportunity to evaluate and compare every double stroller on the market :)

The Easter Egg hunt was a bust for the most part though, too many over zealous, type-A, Bay Area parents that ran over everyone else to get eggs for their kids!?! So we picked up one egg and placed it safely away from the madness (no joke – parents were tripping over other children to get “the right shot”), then we set it on the ground and let Malina retrieve it. She’d had enough at that point and headed for the playground. No interest in plastic eggs filled with candy (whew)!

However, the following day she happened upon another Easter Egg hunt and did pick up (and re-hide) several eggs that didn’t belong to her.

View photos of our Easter Egg hunt at the zoo.

A visit from the Turcinov Family

Our friends Amy and Z, along with 13 month old twins Gabe and Zara, came down from Seattle to visit us this past weekend. We managed to cram all 7 adults and children into our flat for the weekend and it actually worked out really well!! The toddlers had a ton of fun playing together and the parents got to relax and catch up during their naps. We spent a lot of our time together just hanging out around the house, but we did make it out to The Academy of Sciences (Zara loves butterflies) and the beach.

While at home, Malina did a great job of sharing all her toys and her bedroom. When she wasn’t busy running around naked, she was giving out lots of hugs. Gabe and Zara were good sports about all the hugs. And when they weren’t busy with that, they were generally sticking everything imaginable in their mouths!

View photos of the Turcinov visit.

The Potty, Funny Conversations and Recent Events/Outings

We are so proud of Malina! She has officially gone EIGHT days straight (daytime) in big girl under-wear with zero accidents! Pee and poop in the toilet :) She loves to dance around in her undies. She also loves to pull them up and down on her own. The three day potty training actually took more like two months, but Malina tried really hard and has done a great job!

We started using toothpaste on her toothbrush a few weeks ago. It is a natural kind that toddlers can (and do) swallow. Malina loves her toothpaste. While brushing, the conversations go something like this:
Malina says “Mmmm, toothpaste yummy. Takes goooooooood” as she licks her lips.
Parent says, “Oh yeah, what does it taste like?”
Malina says “Pizza!”
But it really tastes like herbal mint.

Malina LOVES her gymnastics class and it quite adventurous on the equipment. This is good and bad, and then also scary at times because she truly doesn’t know her limits and finds herself is very precarious situations.
Dad says: Malina, what is your favorite thing about gymnastics?
Malina says: Eliza
Eliza is one of her best baby friends, known each other since birth

We are talking more about emotions; happy and sad, mad and frustrated. She always talks about being happy and that all her toys/dolls/stuffed animals are happy too. On Malina’s 23rd month birthday, she said “I am sad in the butt”. It was hilarious!

View photos of recent events including a trip to Bay Area Discovery Museum, Maya’s 2nd birthday party,a family walk, the local beach, indoor biking and big girl undies!