Southern California Trip – March 2011

We decided to squeeze in one last trip before Jessica enters her no fly window. We had originally dreamed of Turkey, then got a bit more realistic and settled on London, then got even more realistic and chose Mexico … and then finally booked a trip to Southern California based on several constraints. That said, we had a great time and managed to pack the trip full of visits with family and friends as well as lots of little toddler focused excursions.

While in LA we went to Santa Monica Pier and the Third St Promenade. We also saw 2 sets of friends, each with a baby named Cooper :) And last but not least, we celebrated Malina’s Great Grandmothers 84th birthday! On the drive down to San Diego we stopped over for a nap in Laguna and visited our newly transplanted friend Megan, who is due 2 weeks after Jessica. What a beautiful spot!

In San Diego we went to the huge Balboa Park and met up with Chuck’s sister in law, Kari. We also took Malina to the amazing San Diego Zoo, we got there at 9am when they opened and were ushered out the gates as they closed at 5pm. Malina didn’t take a nap and we didn’t ride a single tram. Mom and Dad were SO TIRED by the end of the day. We checked out the La Jolla Sea Caves and Malina loved the sea-lions, she even mimicked their bark. We also visited with good friend Sarah along with her new baby Lila in Del Mar. It was a fun filled and busy trip! In addition to the photos, we’ve uploaded a few videos from the trip (scroll down).

View photos of our trip to Los Angeles and San Diego.

We also have several videos from the trip :)

Great Grandma’s 84th Birthday!

Spinning at the park with Dad! You know sometimes they say Dads play a bit rougher than Moms do? Well this is a perfect example of that in action!

Visiting the Giraffes

Visiting the Pandas