Academy of Sciences and Peekadoodle

We finally got a membership to the amazing Academy of Sciences museum! It was redone a few years ago and it’s truly amazing! They have everything from penguins to an albino alligator to a 4 story terrarium of sorts that houses butterflies and mimics a very humid climate to a snow dome to a “living roof” … the list goes on and on. Mom, Dad and Malina just returned from a trip there and we all had a great time!! Malina was WAY too busy to have her picture taken though. While inside the butterfly exhibit, Malina wanted to climb a railing on the 4th floor to get a better view of the water below and the tropical birds. I clearly didn’t let her do this, but out of protest she kicked off her shoe and it fell 4 stories down!! Chuck tried to retrieve it, but wasn’t allowed to because it would ruin the habitat. We were told that a biologist would have to get it, but that this wasn’t high on their list. So she was one shoe short all afternoon … and we never got the shoe back. Malina will often say “shoe with the butterflies” and we say “yes it is”.

We also checked out Peekadoodle, a members only indoor kids play area in North Beach. There is an enrollment fee and then it’s $110 per month for unlimited usage! Our Mom’s group got a free pass to check it out and it’s pretty amazing, they have a cafe with great food, clean/new toys, a huge climbing area … and it’s all safe and shoe free. The mom’s literally get a coffee, sit back and gossip. Great for a rainy day, but not really my scene. It was impossible to get a photo of all the toddlers running around, so all I have is one of them eating a snack. They just move too fast these days!

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Valentines Day

We don’t make a big deal out of Valentines Day … we come from the school of thought that you should express your love year round :) However, we do exchange cards. This year Malina (with Sandra’s help) made us an adorable card that we will always remember!!

Playgroup Babies … Round 2

Our playgroup has been getting together once a week since our first babies were 3 months old … and now it’s time to start welcoming second babies to the group! Marina had Kai in early January (I am holding him in the photo), Zetta is due in late April (we are celebrating her shower in this this photo), and I am due in mid June. The funny part is that all 3 had girls the first time around and we’re all having boys this time. What are the odds of that??

Potty Training … Take One

Despite being on the young side, Malina was showing all of the signs of being ready for daytime potty training. We set aside last weekend and followed the Three Day Potty Training method. Despite giving it a great effort, by day 2, it was clear that the method was not right for Malina and/or she simply wasn’t ready. For instance … prior to the “training”, Malina loved to sit on the potty and would clap after a successful pee, but during training she started to cry on the potty :( There were several other signs, so we called it quits and tried to revert back to diapers with the intention of trying again in several months. However, she now seems to be caught somewhere in the middle and is wearing a diaper but getting upset when she has to go potty, which means we spend a lot of time ripping the diaper off and running to the toilet. I hope to exit this gray area soon!

Since this is a “diaper free” method, I do have a few cute photos of her tooshie! View photos of round 1.

Playgroup in Golden Gate Park

Today our playgroup met in beautiful Golden Gate park and we enjoyed a beautiful summer … uh, I mean winter day together. We played in a central area near a few fountains. The little ones really enjoyed the open space so they chased each other and ran after the birds. TJ brought his Trike and everyone wanted a turn. Tommy brought his Goldfish and Malina decided it was her job to feed them to him. We all had a great day!

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Gymnastics and Owen!

We spent Super Bowl Weekend in San Francisco. On Saturday, Malina and dad went to gymnastics class in the Presidio. Well, it’s not really a class. It’s more like “Here’s a bunch of gymnastics equipment. Go have fun,” which they did. Malina really enjoyed jumping on the trampoline and playing on and under the parachute. Later that day, we visited Terence, Sandy and Owen in Foster City, where Owen pushed Malina around on his little riding toy and where the two toddlers “attempted” to share. On Sunday, it was over 70 degrees and sunny, so we went on a beautiful hike in Mill Valley and then watched some of the Super Bowl. Malina saw the players running and then proceeded to run laps up and down the hall, adamantly requesting that dad follow…for nearly 30 minutes.

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Almond Butter and Sandra

Malina’s favorite food is almond butter. She loves it plain. No matter what we put it on, she licks it off. So we stopped fighting the fight and now we just let her eat it plain. Check out how much she loves it.

We also got a few photos of Malina playing with her best friend Sandra. They were having an oatmeal breakfast party with Malina’s favorite animals :)

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