Baby Bigelow baby shower in Denver

Jessica and two other friends hosted a baby shower weekend extravaganza for Lindsey in Denver, CO. Jessica has known Lindsey since junior high school, and they have remained close over the years! Lindsey was a traveling nurse for quite a while, and did 2 stints in SF, which were a lot of fun!!

Lindsey and her husband Dave now live near Breckenridge, CO, so we decided to host the event in “the city”. Thirteen people flew or drove in to help Lindsey celebrate Baby Bigelow! This number didn’t include significant others and children who were there also. As luck would have it, Chuck got the weekend off work (for the most part), so he and Malina went with Jessica to CO, but weren’t part of the main events. However, the two of them did have some great bonding time together!!

The itinerary included spa time, a girls lunch, walks around town (it was freezing), a large group dinner (families invited as well), and a brunch just for the girls. In addition to all of this, we made a few side plans to see friends Lauren/Trent who were visiting CO at the same time, Wharton friends Kate/Patrick/Teddy who now live in CO, and Jessica’s cousins the Hamilton/Bloombaums.

It was an exhausting and chaotic 3 days but well worth it! As usual, I wish we had taken more photos, we missed entire events, but I guess those parts will have to remain memories.

View photos of our weekend in Denver.

Museums and Being Silly

We went to 2 museums this past week. First we went to the Academy of Sciences with Janine and Violet. It’s the coolest museum around, with tons of fish tanks, a penguin exhibit, an Amazon Rain Forest (humidity and all), an albino alligator … the list goes on!! Then we went to Bay Area Discovery Museum with our playgroup, but it was freezing outside. A few other random photos in here of us hiking and Malina being silly. Malina LOVES to find her Dad’s shoes and “walk” around the house in them.

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Baby Boy Anderson Arriving June 2011

Baby Boy Anderson will be arriving around June 19th, 2011!! We are thrilled to announce this upcoming addition to our family!!

Jessica is currently 19 weeks pregnant, definitely showing, and feeling good.

Malina is too young to understand the news, but she is already a great mommy to all her dollies. She loves to feed them, give them milk, and push them around in the stroller. We have no doubt that she will be a wonderful big sister :)

A Visit From Aunt Jeanna!

Chuck’s sister, Jeanna, came to visit us in San Francisco for 5 days in mid January. The days were filled with lots of bonding time between Malina and her Aunt. The four of us took a trip to the Farmer’s Market at the Ferry Building, walked along the beach at Crissy Field and joined our friends Aaron, Anne and Hayden for brunch. Chuck and Jeanna also biked to the Golden Gate Bridge and took a drive to the North Bay, visiting Sausalito, Mill Valley, Fairfax and Ross and stopping at the Fairfax Scoop for some yummy ice cream!

View photos of Jeanna’s visit to San Francisco.

Lots of new activities in 2011

We took advantage of the new year enrollment window and signed Malina up for a few classes back in December. Despite the steep rate of $18 per 45 minutes of class, it’s incredibly hard to get in, and we ended up on a few wait lists.

After the dust settled, we ended up with:
> a very interactive music class on Monday
> a play date with friends on Wednesday
> our weekly playgroup on Friday (same group since our babies were 3 months old)
> gymnastics on Saturday

Otherwise, it’s playing at the house, playing at the park, walking around town or story time at the library.

This little lady has it pretty good :)

McMilin / Howard family visit

Jessica’s parents Robin and Ken, as well as her grandmother, Florence, flew into SF for the holidays. They spent time in San Francisco, Mountain View (where Jessica’s sister lives), Livermore (where Ken’s parents live) as well as a few days in the Russian River!! Jessica’s sister, Emily, and her boyfriend Rob drove up to SF for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We had Christmas dinner out in Livermore with Barbara and Bob!

As usual, we had a great time with family here. We went out lots of outings, read tons of books, and hung out with family :)

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Happy New Year!

We can hardly believe it is 2011!! We rang in the New Year with friends Matt and Janine. We had a nice, low-key dinner in the Mission that ended up taking 3 hours! Despite our best intentions to spend the actual countdown in a bar … it didn’t happen and we celebrated in the restaurant. As parents of toddlers, we were all very proud to stay up past midnight!

View photos of our New Year’s Eve celebration.