Crib Gymnastics

For those of you who have met Malina, you know that she is a very passionate little lady. She really enjoyed her time with family over the holidays and when they left, she got rather upset, and simply didn’t want to go to sleep. We let her fester in bed for a while, hoping she would eventually fall asleep but she didn’t. Mom and Dad both when in to try and calm her down but nothing was working. Finally Jessica put her back in bed, and she got MAD. She stood up, held the railing, took one bounce and flipped herself OVER the railing. She was heading towards the ground, head first, but Jessica caught her before she hit. She wasn’t even phased by this. Just thrilled to be “out”! Since she did it once, we knew she could do it again and didn’t want to take the chance …. so we went out and got her a crib tent! Yep, a tent that goes under the mattress, up the sides and creates a dome up top. We had some concern that she would protest so we really talked it up, how ‘big girl Malina is getting her very own tent’ and it worked! She loves her new tent and even asks to get in the crib now to ‘play in tent’ :)

Christmas Day 2010

We spent Christmas in the Bay Area this year. Jessica’s parents and grandmother (mother’s side) flew in. Her sister, Emily, and boyfriend, Rob, drove up as well. We spent the morning eating and opening gifts at our place. Malina was incredibly fortunate to receive all sorts of generous gifts from everyone in the family!! She had a blast opening them :) We enjoyed opening our gifts as well.

Then we drove out to Livermore in the pouring rain to spend Christmas dinner with Jessica’s other set of grandparents (father’s side). The food and company were wonderful and of course there were more gifts to open there. A wonderful and memorable day for all!!

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Ferry Building – Farmers Market in the rain

Have I mentioned yet that it has been raining for the past 3 weeks ;) We decided to brave the Farmers Market in the rain today and had a nice time because it was far less crowded than usual. Malina’s favorite things are babies, dogs, birds, and boats … all of which we saw while there! She also loves jumping in puddles and “ducking” under ropes or trees.

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December 2010 – Getting ready for the holidays!

December has been a really rainy month in San Francisco!! We have gotten outside at every available opportunity and even found ourselves stuck in the rain a few times. The good news is that Malina doesn’t seem to mind the rain and loves jumping in puddles! Needless to say, we’ve had to come up with lots of indoor activities for our active little one! Luckily, San Francisco has lots of great holiday decorations to check out, so we kept ourselves busy viewing the amazing trees and gingerbread houses in fancy hotel lobbies.

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Hiking At Lands End

Our little lady has been sick for the better part of the past THREE weeks. Cold, fever, cough, eye infections, ear infections, rumbly cough, sneezing, runny nose … you name it, she has experienced it! Needless, to say, we haven’t been out and about much. We did get out for a quick hike at Lands End over the weekend. The weather wasn’t ideal, but Chuck wasn’t at work, so we seized the opportunity.

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