Thanksgiving at The Anderson’s – 2010

We stayed in San Francisco for Thanksgiving this year – which was a first!! Jessica’s Grandmother flew up from LA, and her sister plus boyfriend (Rob) came up from Mountain View for the day. They decided to brave the germs … as Chuck had bronchitis and Malina had a fever, which led to a cold, as well as two eye infections and two middle ear infections. What a group of sickies!! We managed to pull together a nice meal and had a fun and thankful evening.

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Jessica’s 34th Birthday

Jessica has officially entered her mid 30’s. Yikes!! We had a small get together at our place with close friends who weren’t already traveling home for the Thanksgiving Week. It was great to see everyone and catch up. It was also a joy to watch the babies play together :)
I feel like I have been saying this more and more often lately, but we didn’t get many really good photos. Here is what we have.

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First ponytail

Malina has spent the past several months working on skills like running and forming short sentences. She has not been working on growing hair ;) That said, today she came running in with one of my hair ties in hand, holding it to her head and saying “in in tail”. So I tried!! Check out these two photos of Malina’s first pony tail :)