Halloween Weekend as a Ladybug

Despite the rain, we had quite a busy Halloween weekend. Friday started off with festivities on Chestnut St (around the corner from us) and we went to check it out with friends Tamara, Quinn and Reese. At 10am, all the merchants set up for a trick-or-treat event, and unbeknownst to us, there was a specific starting spot and everyone was in a single file (ish) line. We felt like salmon swimming upstream until we figured it out. Malina didn’t love the concept of ‘open bag, drop in candy, and move on’ … it seemed as though she wanted to assess the items and there simply wasn’t time.

Saturday morning we baked scones as a family. Malina was involved in the measuring, scooping, stirring, and placement on the pan. She loved it!!

Saturday afternoon was a big Giants game, part of the World Series, so we got Malina dressed in Giants colors and had some friends over for the game. Malina is an incredibly social baby and we couldn’t get her to go to sleep while people were over, so she had a late night.

Sunday evening we put Malina back into her ladybug costume for some trick-or-treating on Avila St, about 2 blocks away from us, where they rope off 4 blocks and designate it as car free for the evening. Many of the families that reside on these blocks go all out with the decorations. Impressive haunted houses and mechanical movements. Malina seemed to get the hang of receiving candy, but most of all she love the decorations, especially fake spider webs :) As a side note, open container laws seem to not apply as all the parents were walking around with adult beverages.

Now Mom and Dad are recovering from the weekend and enjoying all the candy!!

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Sedona Trip

We spent 5 fun filled days in Sedona, AZ with Grandpa Chuck, Grandma Lisa, Uncle Brad and Aunt Jeanna. Lisa’s friends JoAnne and Russell were in town part of the time as well.

While visiting we checked out downtown Sedona, went on a hike in the red-rocks (it was hot), went 4x4ing in Brad’s new ride, celebrated Brad and Jeanna’s birthdays, took long walks, played at play grounds, and just relaxed! It was great to see everyone and catch up.

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Blue Angels in SF (again)

I must say that as a mother, with a napping baby, I no longer enjoy Fleet Week … because it means 4 days straight of F14 fighter jets screaming over our house, rattling our windows, and setting off every car alarm within a mile. I try to be a good sport though :)

Our friend Leigh Ann has an awesome roof top deck so we spent one beautiful afternoon watching the Blue Angels from her place. It was the best view I’ve seen in my 10 years in SF!! With the noise canceling head phones on, Malina enjoyed the show as well and kept yelling “pane pane”.

Since it was such a nice day we also went on a family urban walk/hike.

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Breakfast at the Peterson’s

Our great friends Anne and Aaron recently left SF for more space in East Bay :( so we went out to their place for a lovely brunch last weekend. It was great to catch up while Malina and Hayden played. Our babies share the special bond of being born on the same day, at the same hospital. They met each other when they were 1 day old :)

It was also Malina’s first ride on BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit). Each time the doors opened, she would say “more” and do the sign to indicate that she was having way too much fun to get off. In the pictures she looks sad, but she was intensely focused on taking in her surroundings.

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“Ganda” and “PawPaw”

Robin and Ken came to SF for 4 days this past week to celebrate Great Grandma Barbara’s 89th birthday!! When they weren’t busy visiting with family and Malina, they were taking in some of the new exhibits at our fabulous museums! Soon after they arrived, Malina clearly gave each of them a name, on her own. Grandma Robin became Ganda and Grandpa Ken became PawPaw … and she used these names over the course of the entire visit.

First activity was Barbara’s 89th birthday celebration out in Livermore, CA. We celebrated during the week, so Chuck couldn’t make it, but everyone else was able to get the afternoon off work. We had a nice dinner and yummy ice-cream cake for dessert.

We surprised Jessica’s parents with tickets to a Giants game. It’s the near the end of the season and the Giants are doing well this year, so it was an exciting game. Malina stayed home that night.

We made another trip to our favorite tot spot, the Bay Area Discovery Museum, and Malina showed Ganda all the things she had learned to do!! From xylophone playing to painting to playing in a stream :)

Malina has recently become obsessed with bubbles, so we broke out a new bubble kit that included a secret bubble recipe and 4 bubble wands. Malina loved it and couldn’t stop screaming “bubbles”. Everyone who walked past our garage (it was windy outside) left with a huge grin on their face.

Since October has arrived we decided to make the drive up to Petaluma (passing 10 pumpkin patches along the way) to visit the biggest and best pumpkin patch in the area. It’s a 30 acre work farm, full with farmers, tractors, farm animals, hay, pumpkins on the vine, and did I mention pumpkins? Everything from white to gray to red to green to orange!! They also brought in some entertainment in the forms of a haunted house, a jumpy house and a few mazes.

While there, Malina found herself incredibly busy. She decided that all the pumpkins laying in the piles actually belonged in the big green crate, so one by one, with a very serious look on her face, she would carry them over. She seemed to get rather annoyed with other kids in the vicinity for not recognizing this huge task that was resting on her shoulders alone! Also, since Malina was so “busy” during the visit – it was hard to get any photos of her looking at the camera.

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