GGMG Summer Event, Walking, Black Eye and more

hot day - trying to cool off!

The weather has been crazy this month! We had planned to attend a Golden Gate Moms Group “Aloha” summer festival but it was freezing. Everyone was wearing jackets and hats. Malina got to play in a toddler version of a bouncy house and just loved it!

This month Malina took her first solo walk down Chestnut Street. There are so many stores, people and dogs to be distracted by, but after much patience on our part, she covered the main 4 blocks!

Then it got really hot – unusually hot for San Francisco – so Malina enjoyed some time in the park with friends and watermelon.

Another first… Malina got a black eye :( She fell in her room and hit the bed frame with her eye. It was bleeding just outside the eye, so we went to the doctor to make sure she didn’t need stitches, and she didn’t. Whew. A stressful day for Mom and Dad, but Malina was incredibly brave through it all.

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Marina Del Rey with GG

We went down to Los Angeles for the weekend to spend a few days with Great Grandma Florence. We went to parks and the beach, we swam and played, we got together with friends and enjoyed the warm weather.

Now that Malina is walking, she wants to walk everywhere. She knows the words “walk” and “down” so anytime I pick her up, that is what I hear. She also loves stairs. She can go up very well but doesn’t understand how gravity works on the way down. GG lives in a 3 story townhouse, and (obviously) doesn’t have gates … so we were constantly sprinting after Malina.

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