July in SF

Summer is San Francisco is generally cool, but much of this summer has been downright cold! We get out as much as possible but are sometimes rather bundled up. We’ve spent the past month playing at the park (a lot), hiking, being silly at home, hanging out with friends and visiting family.

Recently it has been harder to get good videos and photos of Malina. When the video camera comes out, she just points at it and says “baby” because she has seen video of herself and believes a baby is inside the camera. When we use the regular camera, she just wants it, so she darts towards us. And when Malina wants something these days, she REALLY wants it!!

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She is walking!

On Friday night Malina took 4 small shuffles steps to me! Then Sunday morning, Chuck and I were looking in the fridge and suddenly we saw Malina walk across the entire kitchen (she loves the fridge)! We were shocked and tried to get her to do it again for the video camera. Below is the best we could do. Later that afternoon we went to her Great Grandparent’s house and she was practicing all over the place :)


Malina and Dad (finally) went on their first run together this morning. Despite being July, it’s rather cold in SF right now, as you can see from Malina’s layers. I’m sure you’re also noticing the helmet … that was Jessica’s doing :) Best to start good habits early! They had a great run out to the Golden Gate Bridge and back, it also gave Jessica a free hour to work out!


Our breast feeding relationship got off to a rocky start because my milk didn’t come in right away. After much patience on Malina’s part and endless pumping on my part, it worked!! Once we got into a rhythm, it was so easy and something we both enjoyed. Since I work part time, I pumped twice a day every day and sometimes my supply got ahead and we froze the extra. Malina was breastfed until she was almost 14 months old! Weaning was a slow process; Malina knew something was changing, but she was a good sport about it all. Just a few days ago, I used my last bag of frozen milk, it was somewhat sentimental for me, so I snapped a picture of Malina drinking her last bottle of Mother’s Milk. Fortunately, she loves cows milk and drinks 24 to 30 ounces a day! I must admit, that I am enjoying my freedom again!!


The moment I get Malina out of the old diaper and turn around to get the new one, she is OFF! Her favorite place is the refrigerator?!?! So here she is, naked and happy and cold (I imagine).