Just Being Silly

Due to Chuck’s schedule, I spend a lot of time at home alone with Malina. We tend to get rather creative at times (yes, she is wearing my shirt and driving around with a yam in her cup holder – in the photo above). She has developed a recent obsession with the toilet paper roll. Often times I roll it back up as soon as she starts, but this time I let her play before I salvaged the TP. We also had 8 friends turn 1 last month. So here are a few images that document our silly-ness at it’s best :) as well as the birthday celebrations! View photos of us just being silly.

Birmingham in June

Malina’s nanny took a week of vacation in mid June, which meant we had to take a week of vacation as well :) We flew to Jessica’s parents place in Birmingham, AL and spent the week exploring while avoiding the intense heat. We took Malina into her first cave (a lovely 68 degrees), we went swimming, and we went to a friends Lake House. Grandma Robin and Grandpa Ken both still work full time, but they enjoyed spending time with Malina in the mornings and evenings.

Grandpa Chuck and Grandma Lisa, who are back to work as well, drove up from Florida for a few days!! Malina was thrilled to see them and giggled at each of Grandpa Chuck’s silly faces. They played with her 2 days straight and helped out at mealtime! They brought her an adorable little backpack with feet (see photos) that she loves to fill it with her toys for now.

Malina enjoyed having all 4 loving grandparents around, so she decided to take her first steps in their presence! Mom and Dad missed the milestone, but we believe them that it happened ;) It was also fun to have our families together for a few days. Who would have ever thought that everyone would end up in the South?!?!

View photos of our trip to Birmingham, AL.

Mountain View

Jessica’s sister, Emily, moved down to Mountain View for a job. Although it’s only 45 minutes south of San Francisco, it took us a few months to get down there and check out her new hood. We picked an incredibly hot day for the journey, but we still had a good time checking out the local farmers market, wandering through downtown and ending up at a shady grassy park :)

View photos of us in Mountain View