Professional Photo Shoot

Malina’s Grandmother, Grandfather and Great Grandmother (on Jessica’s side) were in town for the 1st birthday celebration! We decided to take advantage of having 4 generations together and asked our favorite photographer come over for a photo session. Malina was a bit overwhelmed by the backdrops and all the people … but was a good sport and we got some great photos.

View photos of Malina’s 1st birthday photo-shoot.

Malina is 11 months old

This was a rather mellow month for us. We finally got our act together and baby-proofed the house because Malina has been showing some signs of becoming more mobile. Instead of the traditional crawl, Malina decided to bust out “the dolphin”, which is a combination of a push-up and kick with her feet (see video below). It looks very hard and Chuck thinks she is building up very strong lats.

Grandma Robin came out for a quick visit. She taught Malina how to pull up to standing while holding onto furniture (thanks Grandma ;)). We also did some exploring around the city and took Malina to the Bay Area Discovery Museum, as well as the Bay Aquarium. She loves both places. Unfortunately, our camera was stolen from the latter location so we have very few photos this month. Grrr.

Malina has developed a limited vocabulary, she says dada and mama and seems to know who we are. However, she also points at our refrigerator and says dada. Strange… She knows bus, she even says “bu” when she hears the bus go by outside the window (ahh, what a city baby). She points at everything and seems to be most interested in small dogs and birds; specifically pigeons.

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