Malina is 10 months old!

Month 10 was another busy month. We took a trip down to Carmel for the long weekend to watch the Pro-Am golf tournament at beautiful Pebble Beach. Malina didn’t seem to have the patience to quietly watch a round of golf, but she did enjoy all the people watching!! While in the area, we also went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium to see the penguins, sea otters, and fish :)

On the home front, Malina has become more active. Although she hasn’t mastered crawling yet, she does “the dolphin” to get around. She also enjoys standing up while holding onto something for support. She hasn’t yet learned that letting go means she is going to fall, so we’re always right there to catch her.

We got a baby backpack so Malina now enjoys 360 degree views while we’re hiking. She seems to love her new ride and sports a perma-grin the entire time she’s in it!

View photos of Malina’s tenth month.