Malina is 9 months old!!

This month, Malina traveled to Seattle to visit Chuck and Jessica’s business school friends, Amy, Zvonimir, Tracy, Doug, Saurabh, Ann and Suzanne. While there, Jessica hosted a babies shower for Amy (she’s expecting twins!), which included a diaper cake and other delectable treats. In addition to meeting our business school buddies, Malina also got to meet Jessica’s long-time friend Terence, his wife Sandy and their new baby boy, Owen.

Don’t think Malina had all the fun though! Chuck and Jessica also took some time off from their parenting duties this month. First, we went to Bill and Kara’s wedding in Berkeley, where Bill and Kara entered their reception wearing boxing gloves and dancing to the title song to Rocky. Second, Jessica and her fellow Golden Gate Mom’s Group moms went out for a night on the town while Chuck stayed home with Malina for some quality father/daughter bonding.

View photos of Malina’s ninth month.