Malina is 7 months old!


Another exciting month for Malina! Jessica had two friends visit. First Jen, who served as Jessica’s “baby sherpa” since she hurt her back and was unable to carry Malina. Then Abby flew out with her son Beckett … it was fun to have a toddler in the house and show us everything we need to babyproof before Malina starts to walk!

Then we flew to Jacksonville Beach, Florida to spend an early Thanksgiving with Grandpa Chuck, Grandma Lisa, Uncle Brad and Aunt Jeanna. We also had a quick visit with Great Uncle Larry and Great Aunt Alice!! Next we headed to Birmingham, AL for a second Thanksgiving with Grandma Robin and Grandpa Ken. In Birmingham we took Malina swimming for the first time and she loved it!

While away, Malina’s first tooth came in. There was a bit more drool but no major personality change! Once back in town, we started getting ready for the holidays. First came Hanukkah so we set up our menorah. Then we picked out our Christmas tree and decorated it along with the house. Malina definitely noticed that the tree was new and that it took the place of her baby swing. We also threw a holiday party for Malina’s friends and their parents. A great time was had by all :)

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