Malina is 6 months old!!

First Bite of Solids

It is truly hard to believe that Malina is half a year old!! She is growing up so quickly! She weighs over 16 pounds and is 26 inches long. She can sit on her own and loves to play with her toys. She has a beautiful smile and soft little laugh. She definitely recognizes (and loves) Mom and Dad, and she seems to be a very social baby and is interested in meeting everyone!

As usual, we had a busy month. Jessica’s mom’s group had a family get together so all the husbands were finally able to meet. We also dressed Malina up for Halloween as a pumpkin and attended a few different events.

Towards the end of the month we introduced Malina to solid foods. We started with brown rice cereal and she was not very interested. Then we moved on to oatmeal cereal, and most recently we introduced butternut squash. We’ve spent hours preparing and trying to get her to “eat” but she seems to prefer the boob.

We took a trip down to LA and spent a few days with Malina’s Great Grandma Florence. While there we enjoyed the warm weather and introduced her to additional family members.

View photos of Malina’s sixth month.