Malina is 5 months old!

The Chuck's and Malina

We had another busy month! We didn’t jump on any airplanes but we did take quite a few daytrips. Malina went north along the coast to Tomales Bay for an oyster cookout, as well as to Sonoma for the Vintage Wine Festival. We also went east to Livermore for Malina’s Great Grandma’s 88th birthday.

Chuck’s Dad, Chuck, and his wife Lisa came to San Francisco to meet Malina. They spent 5 days hanging out with their newest grand daughter and everyone had a great time! During their visit, the Blue Angels came to town and it was quite loud. Initially, Malina was quite scared by the roaring sound of their engines, so we got her some infant-sized noise reduction headphones and she was a happy camper throughout!

View photos of Malina’s fifth month.