Malina is two months old!

Being burped by Great Grandma

Month 2 was a great month!  Malina started to smile, coo and hold her head up on her own.  As you will see in the photos, she’s also growing quickly!  She has officially outgrown her size newborn clothes and is developing cute little fatrolls on her neck and thighs :)
We had quite a busy month with visits from Malina’s Great Grandmother and Great Uncle, as well as many of our friends.  Malina has also been on a handful of play-dates and seems to enjoy all of her new friends; she does everything she can to skip her naps!
Malina took her first trip over the 4th of July weekend… all the way to Lake Tahoe!  She seemed to really enjoy the change of scenery.

View photos of Malina’s second month.