Malina is three weeks old!


Time is flying by and Malina is growing quickly, she is already to big for her size newborn clothes! Each day we can see changes … this week Malina is making more eye contact with us and she is also following moving objects with her eyes. We’ve had lots of visitors this week and Malina has been well behaved for most visits. Grandma also headed home yesterday, so we’re on our own now.

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Malina is two weeks old!

Malina enjoying her PlayPlace

Malina continues to keep us on our toes; she has started to develop her own little personality! We have learned that she hates being cold, so the moment we undress her to change her diaper, she lets out a scream! She also knows what she wants! The moment she wakes up and finds herself hungry, she lets everyone know that she wants to eat RIGHT NOW! Despite the sleep deprivation we love being parents to little Malina.

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Malina is one week old!

Malina with Dad

Our daughter Malina arrived on May 10th and we have spent the past week at home with her. Getting to know Malina has been more fun than we ever imagined. Her adorable faces make us laugh and we are constantly amazed by everything she does. With the help of Jessica’s parents who are staying with us, we are learning how to be wonderful parents ourselves.

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